Hey there! 🌍 I’m a human-shaped creature born in the not so sunny landscapes of Southern Chile, then transplanted to the captivating chaos of Barcelona at the ripe age of 14. I’m the lovechild of two worlds, where tunes and tech play a constant not so in tune tune

Tunes and Tech

By day, I smash keyboard, and conjure digital prays for the code to work. Sometimes, I’m more a rhythm enthusiast, beating some new intrument I will probably play only once.

A Serial Hobbyist

I have a confession: I’m a commitment-phobe when it comes to hobbies. I’ve dabbled in everything from underwater basket weaving to advanced macaroni art. Why be a master when you can be a perennial beginner? It keeps life spicy, and my YouTube tutorial history is a wild ride of unfinished DIY projects and questionable life hacks.

The ‘Almost Expert’

They say practice makes perfect. Well, I’m here to debunk that myth. I’ve practiced a lot, but perfection remains an elusive unicorn. Call me the “Almost Expert” – a title I proudly wear as a badge of honor, right next to my collection of slightly out-of-tune guitars.

Life Philosophy: Embrace the Chaos

Life’s a messy canvas, and I’m the artist with a slightly dysfunctional paintbrush. I find beauty in the chaos, joy in the glitches, and humor in the bugs of life’s software. If you can’t laugh at a runtime error, you’re taking this simulation too seriously.

So, welcome to my corner of the digital playground. Whether you’re here for the quirky code snippets, offbeat tunes, or just to share a virtual eye-roll at life’s absurdity, let’s navigate this unpredictable journey. 🚀🎶

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PD: This is what ChatGPT thinks of me, and well, I quite agree.